Some of My Childhood Memories


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Many of my childhood memories were not only with my grandparents on the farm, but also with my grandparents on my father’s side.  My grandmother only stood 4’10, and was a hard working, very religious woman. My grandfather was a lineman for the electric company before he retired and was a very funny man.  He was always smiling and joking around with everyone.  They had a son, (my uncle) was about 6 years older than me but he always looked out for me and we would walk through the woods to find mushrooms or pick berries for grandma to fix a pie.  As we were walking through the woods he would tell me stories about bears or panthers in the woods to scare me. Then he would laugh and say that he was just kidding.

During my visits I always brought some dress clothes because we would be going to church. We always went to church every Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night.    Grandma would sometimes play the harmonica my aunts would play the guitar and piano while they sang.  Grandpa would always have these pink wintergreen lozenges and he would wink as he gave me one, smile and say that they would help us to stay awake.  Grandpa would sometimes fall asleep in church and grandma would get mad at him on the way home, and it was a funny kind of argument.

Seems like if we weren’t going to church we were cooking.  I do remember sitting out on the porch at night and grandpa would make a fire in a bucket to keep the mosquitoes away, and listening to the Bob Whites and the Whippoorwills, while grandma would be singing a church hymn.  My uncle and I would be in the yard catching lightening bugs in a jar.

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