Remembering George Jones

(September 12, 1931-April 26, 2013)

George Jones Makes Peace With His Nicknames
George Jones, Country Music's 'Possum,' Dies at 81
George Jones was an American country music singer-songwriter who has been widely regarded as The Greatest Country Music Singer, and an extremely influential one. His voice has become iconic to country, as he inspired artists like Ricky Van SheltonAlan JacksonVince GillPatty Loveless, and even other artists like Gram Parsons and Bob Dylan.

George Jones’ first releases were made in 1954; he started off as a 22-year-old honky-tonk Hank Williams imitator who couldn’t find his own image. It wasn’t until the early-mid 1960’s that his voice matured into his very own, and he released multiple #1 hits. During the 1960s, he was one of the busiest recording artists in country music. It was during the late-1970s that Jones became a ‘has-been’, as he spent his depressed, drug and alcohol filled nights, missing concerts and tours often. He became revitalized after meeting his fourth wife, Nancy Sepulvado, and when he released his most famous classic: “He Stopped Loving Her Today.” The song resumed Jones’ success and just as he had gotten clean of his near-fatal cocaine addiction. Since the song’s release, which has been titled as The Greatest Country Song, Jones has become a beloved figure in music. When he died in April 2013, he had charted more songs than any other country music artists ever.

George Jones will always be one of the true country music fans favorite country music singers,  he will never be forgotten.  We will remember the first time we heard him sing, the ups and downs he had in his marriage to Tammy.  The fight he had with alcohol and drugs, but most of all we will remember his songs.

We will always remember the “Possum,”  “The No Show Jones”, but most of all we will remember all of the wonderful heart felt, heartbreak country music that he left us.





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