Childhood Memories on the Farm

Being the oldest of three children back in the early ’50’s I grew up fast, at the age of five my farther was killed in an automobile accident and my mother was left to raise three children by herself.  In these times, women were expected to stay at home and take care of their family, hardly any women worked outside of the home.

As a child I visited and spent most of my time with my grandparents. I had grandparents on both sides,  my mother and farther. I also had a Great Grandmother on my mothers side. Most of my childhood memories were things that I remember from being with them.

My grandparents from my mothers side lived on a farm and it was a very busy place. In the summer time I would get up early in the morning eat my breakfast and help grandma feed the chickens and gather the eggs, then we would bring them inside and wash them. Grandpa had already milked the cows and placed the milk inside the fridge.  Later grandma would skim the cream and pour the milk though cheese cloth and put it in a container to be picked up by the milkman who drove the big truck.  Grandpa, who has been working in the fields always took a short 15-20 minute nap after lunch, so this was quiet time.

I would go outside and swing on the front porch and watch for the rooster, which I was deathly afraid of, because it had ran after me several times before.

Grandma has finished cleaning up, now it was time to go to the garden. This was not my favorite job, but I would pick me a tomato run to the pump wash it off,  grab the salt shaker and eat while watching grandma hoe the weeds.

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