8 Fall Fashion Trends

The fashion trends seem to go back and forth from decade to decade. This year we are seeing animal prints, flared pants (bell bottoms) and neon colors. The trick to staying up with the new trends is to pick up a few pieces at a time when shopping. Always keep in mind to choose different pieces that you can mix and match so you can wear that fabulous new sweater with a skirt or pants that you just purchased.   You can always match your shoes and belt to make those flared jeans look great.

Remember when wearing those flared jeans or pants, you should never wear flat shoes, always wear shoes with heels or heeled boots.  Nothing looks worse than having a great looking outfit on and your pants dragging the floor!

Want to know what colors are in this fall season? It seems to be mustard yellow, purple, neon and floral prints.  These colors are not what I would consider my favorite, but if I want to be trendy this season, I will check them out!

Floral tops can make a pair of pants or skirt look great. You can always add a scarf to match one of the colors on your floral garment to give it that fashion look.

Neon  colors seem to be back in style with shirts, skirts and pants.  This fabric can be toned down with a simple light color, or basic color worn with your top or pants.

The animal prints are back again and they can be worn to be very tasteful. My only advice I can give you is to never wear two different animal prints at the same time. Zebras and lions don’t mesh in the real world and the same goes for the fashion world.

Canadian Sweaters are back and can make any outfit look great.  You can wear it to the office with your skirt or pants or wear it with your jeans to make you look fabulous.

Leather pants seem to be back in style, but not like the ones that cling to you like stretch pants. You should try the ones that fit you around the waist and kind of loose in the legs. These are the ones that are in fashion.

Our outer wear for this wintry season strives for knee length or longer coats and a belt to tie the look all together  The waist belt is not a must but if you like it, it is certainly in style.

I hope you have enjoyed the video and keep watching for more helpful topics.  If you have a topic that you would like to learn more about just drop me a line in the comments!



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